Friday, April 29, 2011

Eight Minutes

Okay, so yesterday's workout (w5d2 of C25K) called for 2 intervals of 8 min each, seperated by 5 min walking. Eight minutes, when the longest I've run at one time was 5, and Tuesday's workout kicked my butt! I was a little apprehensive. Still. . . interval one came and went, and I feel I (for me, anyhow) nailed it. About halfway through my walk break, I ran into a friend, and stopped to chat with him for a minute or two, accidentally resetting my Polar instead of pausing it. Ah, well; nothing's perfect. :-) So, went ahead and walked 2 min before carrying on with the second run interval, so I may have gotten more rest time than strictly allowed; don't know. At any rate, the second 8, done at the uphill grade of the cemetary road (I have GOT to change which end I start from, lol) almost got me. It was extremely tempting at times to stop early, not finish the full 8, and just try it again another day. But, I pushed through. Got my first catcalls today, from a truckload of idiots. One reason I run on that road is it's nearly always deserted. Pretty sure they were being sarcastic, as it was during the second run interval, so I was damn near dead, and I do NOT look sexy in my running tights, lol. But hey, they keep my thunder thighs from sticking together and my fat rolls from bouncing too much, so that's all I ask of them. Function, not fashion! Walked to my TOPS meeting afterwards, where I logged a gain of .75 pounds. I'm blaming it on PMS, lol. Ran into a couple of my cousins on the walk home, so that was nice. Going out later today to meet up with Janis and Annie for some easy intervals. Hoping Marca will be well enough to get back out there soon. She's suffered an injury to her meniscus (hoping it's just irritated, not torn), and she's currently trying to rest it with some stationary cycling. And Janis says she knows a couple other people who are interested in trying C25K out. Before we know it, we might just have a running club around here, lol! And I will have been the beginning of it. Isn't that a kick in the pants?

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