Sunday, May 1, 2011

Kiss Week 5 Goodbye!

Well, today marks an important milestone for me. I completed the 20-min run at the end of C25K Week 5, which also happens to be my longest continuous run EVER!!! That's right, ever. Up to this point, the longest I've run at one time was around 13 or 14 minutes, when forced, in 7th grade PE class. And strangely, this was easier than any of those runs. Well, maybe not so strangely, when one considers that I started at my own level of fitness (basically none) and worked my way up, with proper rest between workouts. Doesn't hurt that I now know more than I ever did then about the importance of proper nutrition and hydration, either. Funny, I've classified myself as a runner on DM for quite some time now, but today, I actually FEEL like a runner. Making it for 20 minutes (however slow) gives me a gigantic boost of confidence that I actually CAN complete this program and run a 5K, and, in time, more. I didn't have to deal with any hills today, and that probably helped significantly. :-) It was raining today, and when Janis called to find out if I wanted to go with her and Annie to walk/run in the cafeteria, I decided to go and just do my w5d3 workout there. As far as cardio and breathing go, I'm actually doing really well, I feel like, but the legs could use some more strengthening, so I plan to start adding a day or two of hill work (walking) each week and maybe buy some of those stretchy bands (blanking out on what they're called) an learn to use them. Still want a kettlebell, though. ~sigh~ Too many things on my wish list, not enough $$$! :-) LOL

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