Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Slowly Stumbling My Way Back

Perfect weather for a run this evening. We had some rain this afternoon, and it was cloudy with temps in the low 70s, so when the RP called and asked if I wanted to go out, I jumped at the chance! Still feeling the sting of feeling like I'm irresponsible for asking someone else to watch my kids for an hour. Gotta get over that if I'm going to try to do a half. We drove out to PP and did our 2.25 there. I had to take a couple/three quick walk breaks on some of the hills, but I finished strong--for me, lol! Legs are definitely feeling the time off. They were starting to think I wasn't going to do this to them anymore. . . and now they're screaming like toddlers having a tantrum. ~sigh~ And just when I almost had them trained. :-( Water's down in Bunker (pump broke), so all I had to take with me was G'ade. Good thing it wasn't hot out there! Splashing Gatorade on your face just doesn't work for me! Unfortunately, it also means no shower until they get it fixed. We didn't think of that! Ugh. Of course, if it's not fixed soon, I'll be finding a friend to impose on so I can clean up! In the meantime, thank God for baby wipes.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Back to the Races

Well, since my blog hasn't received much attention lately, those of you who read it may or may not know that it has been 3 weeks today since my last run. Somewhere between my last run and what would have been my next run, I injured my back by sleeping wrong (yes, I know, pathetic). And just when I thought I was about ready to return to action, I did it AGAIN, only worse, leaving myself unable to sit on the couch without a pillow at my back! Seriously, am I 29 or 92? So, my only workout in those 3 weeks has been a 7.5 mile walk to the lake with my TOPS buds, on a good day. Insanely fun day, btw. However, that was also the day the wheel fell off my stroller. We got it back on and got the last half-mile or so finished, but since then, I don't really trust my equipment! (Go figure.) Anyway, my RP called yesterday wanting to know if I was doing the 5K today in Salem, and my response was, "What 5K?" Really, Salem race organizers need to publicize their events better! Ordinarily, that short a notice would have resulted in me not being able to go. And I've still never scored a t-shirt, lol! However, Jon said he'd watch the Mouse, and Mom kept the other 3, and off I went on my apple-cinnamon oatmeal (w/ craisins, yum) and 4 hours of sleep! I haven't been fueling or hydrating properly here lately (less reason when one isn't running), and that coupled with the lack of exercise kinda showed. Still, overall I was pleased with my time. I shaved a little time off of my last run of this same course (the Relay for Life 5K). Still got whipped by a little white-haired speed walker. . . Oh, well! What I'm not telling you is that it was 15-20 degrees cooler out there today than the last time! Lol. I could tell I'd lost some cardiovascular fitness out there, mostly b/c my heart rate was running higher than usual. I walked some (when don't I, so far, at the 5K distance), but not more than I consider reasonable for a hilly course, and a comeback at that, and I finished strong. Lol. Dug deep in those last few meters trying to catch Janis and finish with her. . . and what does she do? Starts running again when I've almost caught her, and stays a few steps ahead of me to the end! Rotfl!!! It was her first 5K. She hasn't made it past Week 4 or C25K yet, and is starting to get a little discouraged by it. Told her keep trying; it'll come! She still beat me, and I've technically graduated! I have until August to get my 3 miles strong so I can start my HM training. Wow. Not as much time left for that as I'd like, after spending 3 weeks off. May have to start seeing Amanda and Marca's chiro, so this doesn't happen again! Today, Advil was my friend, if only for a confidence booster, lol.