Saturday, June 4, 2011

Hot, Hot HOT!!!

And it ain't gettin' better anytime soon! Ran/walked/shuffled the Relay for Life 5K at Salem today. If I'd started running when I first stepped out my front door, I'd've been pretty good. As it was, I had to drive to Salem and wait for the race to start (supposedly at 8, but in my limited experience so far, these things never start on time). Shady spots along the course were a welcome relief, but there sure could have been more of them, lol! Not sure what the temp was when we started out, but by the time we finished, it was climbing into the 80s. I was just a touch overheated at the finish, but it passed. Got my ass handed to me by a couple of old guys out walking in Wranglers. ~sigh~ Thank God I've never had much ego when it comes to athletic pursuits, or it would currently be bruised, broken, and bleeding out. Of course, it might help if I could ever get a decent night's sleep before a race. Was up last night til past 1, then had to get up at 6. And I think I woke up somewhere in the middle there. Urg. Oh, well, at least the baby slept. I have yet to score a t-shirt from a race (keep getting registered too late), but I bought myself a new tech shirt and a pair of sunglasses today, so next time I run, I get to find out just what the bfd is about tech shirts, and not have the sun in my eyes. Of course, I look remarkably like a hot-pink sausage in the shirt, but wth? In other news, my bathroom scale registered a magical number this morning--199.8. I'll take it, lol.

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  1. You are AWESOME!!! I can't wait till my fitness level is as good as your!!! I can tell you feel GREAT!!!