Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Virus is Eating My BRAIN!

The evidence points to it. All the signs are there. I'll be registering tomorrow for my second 5K, less than a week removed from my first. I go for my run, even if I have to take the baby in a stroller. Walk breaks still exist (especially when the stroller goes), but they are brief, and I don't have to force mysef to end them. I now own 2 pairs of running capris, a pair of shoes (thinking about a second), a water belt, and a Garmin, which I about lost my mind upon discovering one of my children had stolen yesterday evening, lol. It has been found, no harm done, but if I want to avoid it making its way into the trash again, I'll have to find a better place for it than the kitchen table! Still missing my bottle for my waistpack; haven't seen it since Monday afternoon. Kids! Well, I can replace it far easier than I could my Garmin. And I have other bottles that can go in the pack, just none I like as well! Oh, and I'm starting to wonder how soon is too soon to start running more often, and I get crabby if I don't get to go for a couple days! I make sure I drink my water, b/c otherwise, I don't run well. Considering skipping a church BBQ that my family wants to attend b/c it's the night before a race, and I know I shouldn't eat like that if I'm running first thing the next morning. Oh, well. We shall see. Tomorrow promises to be a busy day anyhow, and they may not even want to go after all that. If they do, I'll just eat carefully. Should be able to stick my husband with all the kids Saturday morning and just run. Think I might set a PR, lol? It's on a track. :-S I've never run on a track. On the bright side, it's definitely flat. On the not so bright side, it's bound to be boring. :-P Oh, well, enough babbling. Catch y'all on the flip side!

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  1. I've been wondering how soon I should start running more often as well. I've read training schedules and heard advice on building your base for 5ks that has you running 5 days a week, about 20 miles total.