Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Just Because the Blog is Feeling Neglected

Okay, short post needs to go up, since it's apparently been over a week since my last post. Been a busy, yet uneventful time, at least in the world of running. My runs have been terrible! At first I was blaming the fact that I was suddenly shoving around about 50 pounds of stroller + baby all the darn time, but then I met up with Marca, Allie, and Beth for a workout, and Marca relieved me of my stroller so Allison and I could run together a bit. I felt a little better to see Allie struggle right along with me, but not much, as she hadn't run since the Memorial Day 5K. Finally, though, late last night, I got my breakthrough and my validation. The weather had been cooler over the last few days, cloudy and in the 60s (heaven, for a runner, lol). And I hadn't had a chance to go out and run, or, truthfully, much inclination. Had some issues in the personal life dragging me down. But last night, I decided I was going out. Weather's supposed to heat back up soon (was supposed to today, but didn't), and I didn't want to miss it! So, I strapped on my Garmin after the kids were asleep and told myself I'd just run around in laps real close to the house and rack up a mile, at least. Well, that mile felt so good, I went for 2. Could probably have gone 3, but I don't like leaving the kiddos alone long, even if they are all asleep and I'm running back by the house every 10 min or so to listen for them. Felt great! So. . . it's not the stroller that's killing me; it's the heat! And I feel better also to realize that no matter how crappy the workouts seem to be at the time, I'm making progress with my fitness that will show itself when the temps drop to sane levels again. I logged my fastest pace for last night's run, as well. Okay, okay, some of you don't think 13:49 min miles are anything to brag about, but it's a personal triumph! (in the words of Blanche Devereaux) I ran twice as long, at a better pace, than my Jr. High torture sessions, and felt WAY better doing it! Put that in your whistle and blow it, Coach. My training method kicks your method's a$$! Oh, and the scenery's way better, too, but that part's not your fault. :-) Unless you consider that part of the scenery back then was you. hmmm. Yeah, you coulda been more pleasant. Okay, okay. Enough cattiness for tonight. Unfortunately, I leave you with that, as I suddenly seem to be out of things to say. ~Yawn!~ Goodnight, world!

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