Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Cake

As promised, here is a picture of the cake I did for my friend's wedding shower this afternoon.

I think it turned out rather nice, and Bethany said the flowers match her actual wedding bouquet.  Score!  Which makes me happy, since I couldn't find a darn thing I actually had wanted to decorate with.  Wedding colors are blue and silver, and the blue beading at the waistband was the best I could do.  Blue flowers were pretty hard to find, for some reason.

In other news, I think I've fixed my car!  As we were leaving the restaurant this afternoon, my car firmly refused to move.  Great.  Here, I am, it's raining, and I have my mother with me.  And we aren't far from home, but I do not want to have to maneuver a wheelchair through mud and gravel, in the rain.  So, remembering that my second choice (after fuel delivery system) for identifying its problem was the air intake, I popped the hood.  Darned if my air filter wasn't in all crooked and wadded up, and getting worse all the time, apparently.  I straightened it out and made sure everything was as tightly closed up as it was getting, and now the car seems to be behaving just fine.  I am a happy sponge!

Betting that helps my gas mileage, too.  :)  I also feel both a little smug (because I fixed my car!), and a little silly (because I didn't clue into the problem sooner).

But, that's the quick update for the day.  Happy weekend, everybody!


  1. Ah, well, the fuel filter would have been next anyway!!! Glad it was an easy fix!!!

  2. Way to go in fixing your car. I don't even know where the air filter is in my van. Maybe I should check it out and see if it is dirty?

  3. @Marie--the air filter's easy! And if you're getting less miles per gallon than you should be, it's one of the first things you should check out. Your owner's manual will probably tell you where it can be found. In sad news, my car is NOT fixed. :( Like so many other things I have tried (fuel filter full of muck, anyone?), I'm sure it needed to be done, but the problem is still not really resolved.