Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Slowly Stumbling My Way Back

Perfect weather for a run this evening. We had some rain this afternoon, and it was cloudy with temps in the low 70s, so when the RP called and asked if I wanted to go out, I jumped at the chance! Still feeling the sting of feeling like I'm irresponsible for asking someone else to watch my kids for an hour. Gotta get over that if I'm going to try to do a half. We drove out to PP and did our 2.25 there. I had to take a couple/three quick walk breaks on some of the hills, but I finished strong--for me, lol! Legs are definitely feeling the time off. They were starting to think I wasn't going to do this to them anymore. . . and now they're screaming like toddlers having a tantrum. ~sigh~ And just when I almost had them trained. :-( Water's down in Bunker (pump broke), so all I had to take with me was G'ade. Good thing it wasn't hot out there! Splashing Gatorade on your face just doesn't work for me! Unfortunately, it also means no shower until they get it fixed. We didn't think of that! Ugh. Of course, if it's not fixed soon, I'll be finding a friend to impose on so I can clean up! In the meantime, thank God for baby wipes.

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