Sunday, August 14, 2011

Bad Blogger! No Cookie!

:( No cookie? But I like the cookie! lol Okay, seriously, yes, I'm still running, although not as much as I might like here recently. I've just been neglecting my blog again. However, since I'm sitting at a friend's house in the middle of the night, with everyone else sleeping, and me unable to decide where to sleep, since my older 3 monsters have taken over my hide-a-bed, I figured I'd put up a quick post. Varying circumstances have hindered my running over the last month or so, but I'm still stumbling along. I may be running in place, as far as progress goes, but it's better than slipping backwards, and eventually I hope to move forward again! My mother has spent the last week+ in the hospital with a systemic MRSA infection (Doctor said it's one of the highest white blood cell counts he's ever seen, and he's been in practice long enough he was my doctor back when I can barely remember.), and she'll likely be there for that much longer. She's hating that, and so am I, though both of us or different reasons. She misses home and the grandkids that she can't see b/c they have her in isolation. I hate the multiple trips to Salem that are KILLING me in the gas $$$ department. Also, my van decided to be a pain in my a$$, and have the wheel bearing go out just now. Perfect. My friend Jon said he could fix it. He was wrong. ~sigh~ It requires a machine press to put the new bearing in. So. . . I'm stuck here overnight, and we're going to fix that in the morning, as (see my surprised face?) the garage isn't open on Sunday. I've had that vehicle about a year and a half. It's cost me nearly as much in repairs and maintenance as it did to buy it. Every mechanic who's ever touched it hates its guts. I think I'm getting rid of it at the first reasonable opportunity. That may take a while, but still. . . van, your days are numbered!

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