Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I Did It! . . . Almost.

O.M.G! My cleavage is DRIPPING sweat! (TMI? Yeah, probably.) I just completed C25K w4d1. Kinda. Okay, I cheated a little toward the end, but still. . . progress is progress. It's been gradual baby steps up 'til now, but Week 4 is a huge leap up from Week 3, in my opinion. Your run time suddenly takes a huge step up, and at the same time, they cut your recovery walks in half. All things considered, I'm not displeased with my performance. It may take me 2 weeks to feel that I've mastered this one and am ready to move on. Which would suck, as I have my eye on a couple 5K's toward the end of May, beginning of June, and was hoping to fully run at least the June 4 one. We shall see. But boy, I was wishing about halfway through that I'd thought to turn the a/c on before I started! Still, probably for the best that I didn't. If I'm hoping to run outdoors, I might as well not get used to frosty cool air now. Still, when your run outdoors, there's the hope of a breeze, at least the one you create for yourself by running THROUGH the air, lol! Hoping to catch an "easy" run with my friend Marca tomorrow, as she's just starting her C25K journey. Of course, it'll be the first time outdoors for me, so it may not be as easy as I'm hoping, lol! Still, it'll be fun to run with a friend. Better shave tonight if I'm going to be wearing this outfit in "public" though!

No laughing! I know it looks hideous, but I wear it for function, not fashion. And I'm starting to believe that the camera really does add 10 pounds! Couldn't seem to get a full-length shot, but yes, those are capri-length tights. Too bad--the shoes are the best part of the whole getup, lol! Mostly, I think the reason I'm willing to post a picture of my 209-lb self in lycra is b/c then you (and I) can see the improvement as the weight comes off. :-) Damn, I didn't think I was still this fat. . . oh, well. Miles up, pounds down! Healthier body, here I come!

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