Saturday, April 23, 2011

Week 4 Done! Maybe.

I haven't decided. Should I kiss Week 4 goodbye, or repeat, with more focus on pace? I know my pace for these longer intervals stinks, and truthfully, perhaps stinks worse than it has to. But I'm afraid if I pick it up, I won't be able to complete the time without being miserable. I think I'd have been better off, if it were possible, to do this according to distance, rather than time, b/c then I'd be pushing to get to the end of the distance faster, rather than just trying to survive the time. :-P Today was spotty and kinda freeform, as far as workouts go. I met up with a friend for a mile and a half of brisk walking (girl has a HELL of a walk pace!) and we tossed in a few 60-sec run intervals, since she's C25K curious. Then, after she went home, I debated with myself for a few minutes before heading back out to do my w4d3 workout. Got it done, at snail pace once again, then after I recovered, I started tossing in some fartlek-style run intervals, just focused on maintaining a good form and a decent pace to whatever goal spot I'd picked for myself. Figured I needed to do something to redeem myself for my horrible pace during the actual workout!

Took a giant step forward on my quest to become a serious runner today. Took a deep breath, bit the bullet, and bought a Garmin 305. Barely used, off eBay, paid $90 + 5 for shipping. Includes HRM strap. Happy dance! Of course, I'm sure I ticked off some rival bidders rather badly. . . just another little perk. >:-) Of course now, between this, and my shoes, and these supremely ugly capri tights. . . I HAVE to keep running. I've spent too much on it not to! And I still have a wish list! I must be nuts.

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