Saturday, April 9, 2011

Bye-Bye, Week 2!

Okay. . . week 2 is officially toast. Still dealing with post-run cramping and soreness in the calves and tenderness in the medial side of the lower leg. Stretching, massage, and a small hit of protein seems to help, but next week ought to REALLY be fun. Much more. . . optimistic(?) workout schedule. So far, I've only done 1 1/2 min at a time, always with a bit more for recovery. Next week, I amp it up to alternating bouts of 1 1/2 min and 3 min, with even time after each for recovery. I noticed my prescribed workout is 2 min shorter, too. Might go with that, might not. Depends on how I feel overall, lol. It's been kind of a "depressed" day, so I'm proud of myself for sucking it up and getting it done, really. I've made good food choices (so far; the husband's in town, so meatloaf, potatoes-n-gravy, and corn for dinner, lol), and I'm trying to get my water down. I keep forgetting it. Gonna have to try FlyLady's method for keeping up with how many I've had. Of course, that doesn't work out so well when the kids keep dropping by the oasis for a drink. :-) Little squirrels! I bought them their own bottles, but they still like Mommy's best. Reminds me of Gigi (German foreign exchange student who lived with our family when I was in school). She'd always beg my best friend for "just one bite" from her cup-o-noodles. Toni still remembers her as "the only person I ever met who could fit a whole cup-o-noodles on one fork!" We'd offer to make her her own cup, but, "It tastes better when you make it for you!" :-D She was fantastic.

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