Thursday, April 14, 2011

Still Plugging Away on the Broken 'Mill

Well, check Day 2 of Week 3 off the to-do list. The treadmill's still busted, and I'm still running on it. No idea how fast I'm going or how far, and it sounds like hell. But I'm doing the workouts; I guess that's the important part. I guess right now, the way I feel about it is mostly get in, get it done, get it over with. I could wish I was enjoying it more, but truthfully, it's not too bad, and maybe that's a pretty good review, all in all, coming from me. :-) I kinda wish I could get outside, though. Weather's gorgeous, and the view's bound to be better. Probably be harder than the treadmill, but less boring, and I could at least track my distance better. Besides, if I'm going to do a 5K outdoors, I have to learn to run outdoors eventually, right? Maybe next time the husband's in for the weekend, I can get one in, test it out. But since he's only here maybe twice a month, is it enough? Ugh. Ate too much stir-fry tonight. Oh, well; tomorrow's another day. On the bright side, my TOPS weigh in came back with a loss of 2.75. The scale gets to live. I threatened that if it lied on me again this week, I was going to beat it into a pile of unrecognizable rubble. Guess it took me seriously. ;-)

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