Monday, April 18, 2011

Loggers Lake

Took my oldest boy out for a little hike today. We drove out to nearby Loggers Lake to hike the nature trail around the lake. A beautiful day, and the forest was abloom. :-) We lost the trail partway out and had to turn around and go back, but oh well. Needed to get back and start dinner, and the kid was wearing out anyway. Not finishing=an excuse to go back! Better luck next time, but hey, it was a pretty nice way to spend an afternoon! Monday night, so company for dinner. Baked sweet potatoes, grilled pork loin, and coleslaw, plus an experiment in grilled mangoes. Experiment was a success. Yum! :-) Got some more work done on a baby blanket I'm crocheting for a friend. Working on the granny squares right now. I despise granny squares! But, the baby's coming in June, so. . . mustn't procrastinate! I'm hoping to mail it in time for the shower, and that's actually in May! Starting Week 4 of C25K tomorrow. This is where it all fell apart for me before. Wish me luck, say a quick prayer for me, whatever it is you do. I'm going to need all the help I can get! Screw you, Coach Porter! Perhaps that shall be my mantra as I puff my way through 5 minutes tomorrow. :-)

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