Friday, April 8, 2011

Amazing Day

It had nothing to do with running, of course, but it was pretty sweet anyway. Literally, in some points. I have a weakness for hot Krispy Kremes. And the light was on. I make no excuses, as I stuff my mouth with warm clouds of happiness. I know I will have to pay for it, and find some way to regain the balance. But some things are worth it. Mmmm. We took Preston and Tristan to St. Louis today, to visit the Butterfly House and the Magic House (and the Bob the Builder exhibit therein, lol). The Butterfly House was kind of a bust. Beautiful as always, but come to find out, my 3 y/o was terrified of the butterflies! Poor baby! Then, he retaliated by trying to terrify ME! He disappeared from the playground while we were having lunch and giving the kids a play break. Finally found him all the way back over at the B'fly House! Then, on to Cold Stone Creamery (yeah, I was BAD today, lol), a short trip to lostville, and then the Magic House. It was the first time my mother has been since I was a child. I told her it was bigger. No, really, BIGGER. Some things can't really be absorbed until you see them for yourself. :) She was in awe. We spent probably 4 hours there, and I don't think the kids saw 1/4 of all there was to see and do. But, they had a fantastic time, and that, after all, is what we went for. So. . . WIN!!! Tristan enjoyed the Bob the Builder exhibit. Preston was delighted with it. :) They loved the sand pit and the water table, the bubble room and the musical stuff. We must do this again.

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