Thursday, April 21, 2011

Slow Like Turtle. . . Finished the Race

Well, many firsts for me tonight in the world of running. I went out to the cemetary road after my TOPS meeting b/c I saw an opportunity to run outdoors and avoid the dreadmill. So, first outdoor run (yay!). As I was starting my warmup, it started to sprinkle rain. By the time I finished and walked back to the car, there was water dripping off my nose. So. . . first RAIN run! I'm out there huffing and puffing, and thinking I can't believe I'm running in the rain! I am HARD CORE!!! lol Which is ridiculous of course, but it kept me smiling. :-) And. . . first time to successfully complete a Week 4 workout!!! YAY, me! (Geez, what watching Suite Life has done to my vocabulary!) Of course, I completed it at the pace of an elderly, arthritic turtle, but. . . I did it, lol. That's progress! And NO cheating. Even when I accidentally added 15 seconds to my walk b/c I wasn't watching my clock well enough, I still went ahead and finished the full run, instead of shaving 15 sec off to even things up, lol. By the time i got back to the car, I was VERY effectively cooled down, b/c it was about a mile back after finishing the workout (out-n-back course, and right now it's out, back, and most of the way back out, then gotta get back to the car). Had to come home, towel off, and drag on a sweatshirt and comfy pants. Well, guess that's all for tonight. Gonna walk with some TOPS pals in the morning if it's not pouring rain. Wish us luck!

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