Monday, April 25, 2011

Rain, Rain. . .

. . . and guess what? More rain! Grr. It's been raining here since about Thursday, and has no intentions of stopping until next Thursday. Today's supposed to be an easy day, and I guess that's all right. I should probably be cleaning house. Doing laundry. Something. I haven't even figured out what's for dinner yet. Maybe tuna casserole. That oughta make my mom happy--not. Still, I have most of what I need to make it, and I can get the rest easy enough. Can't really figure out what to do for a workout tonight. Maybe Janis'll call later and we'll put in a walk. Or maybe I can con Bill into taking the kids over to Mom's for a bit when he comes to visit tonight so I can do some yoga. Haven't done that in a while, and it'd be good to get the stretch, as well as a bit of workout for the upper body. I think maybe next month I'll buy that kettlebell set I've been wanting. Maybe. Gotta see if I've got the $$$ first. :-) Or maybe I'll con the husband into buying it for me for my birthday, lol. Funny; most women would kill their husband for buying them exercise equipment for their birthday. Me. . . that's all that's on my list this year! Unless you count a bullet blender for smoothies.

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