Friday, March 8, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday #2


Amazing how fast a week slips past.  Now I have some very important errands to take care of tomorrow, that I absolutely must remember to do!  The boys' Six Flags reading logs have to be printed out (which, unfortunately, requires a trip to the library), filled out, and mailed--and they must be postmarked by tomorrow.  Sigh.  I am such a bad mother sometimes.  Then I need to run by and talk to the mechanic, let him know I'm going to be dumping a van on his lot sometime over the weekend, and make sure he's up for the job.


I have got to stop ordering so much stuff off the internet.  My kitchen looks like a packaging factory exploded.  And I can't get rid of it until the kids finish destroying the boxes.  ~facepalm~  On the bright side, ordering certain necessary items online means never having to worry (as I had begun to deal with regularly) that the store will be out.  It also means never having to make a special trip of 60 miles round trip--or twice that if the first store was out--just to pick up that one item that we must have and are nearly out of.  Which, given the current price of gas, and condition of my vehicle, is a real plus.  Now I just order a month's supply at a time, and I don't have to worry about it.  And the kids get some really nifty boxes.  Downside:  I get to walk around the boxes (and brown paper) until they are properly demolished and I can reasonably insist that they go to the dumpster.


Speaking of things I've purchased over the internet, does anyone else out there make rosaries?  I just ordered the findings to make one for my husband (who, in all fairness I should point out, is not Catholic), and while I was at it, I saw some that I liked.

 Now, the problem that I'm having is choosing beads that go well with the center, and don't clash with the gold.  Ugh.  The best option I've come up with is 8mm clear crystal bicones, but the store doesn't have enough in stock.  It would also be a hair expensive, but at the moment, I'm willing to suck that up.  I just don't know.  Might have to make a trip to an actual craft store, where they have a better selection than my semi-local Wal-Mart.


Chris's rosary, on the other hand, is going to be fairly easy.  I ordered him a St. Christopher center, because, as I told my poor DH, he may not be Catholic, but I have already assigned him a patron saint.  ;)  Not only do they share a name, but since St. Christopher is the patron saint of travelers, I felt he was a particularly apt choice for a man who does a lot of driving in his job.  Here are the findings:

 Since my new camera battery should arrive soon, maybe I'll get a picture of the finished rosary to share with you, once it's done.  I have a couple different ideas for the beads, and thought maybe I'd let Chris pick, since he's going to be home for the weekend.  Or maybe I'll get impatient and start on it before he gets here--under the guise of making a couple different demo pieces.  You know, so he can see how they look put together, lol.


Put a new belt on the vacuum cleaner today.  Go, me!  Yeah, yeah.  I knew it was fairly easy, and I could do it.  I've just never actually done it before.  And I need something to pat myself on the back for, because I've accomplished almost nothing that was on my to-do list for today.  Well, I washed some dishes, and I fed people (though to be fair, that's never really on the list, since it has to happen whether it lands on a list or not).  But that was about it.


I bought the boys craft supplies.  Like a lot of craft supplies.  So if future posts find me bemoaning the fact that there is paint and glitter glue all over my house, just remind me I have no one to blame for myself for this insanity.  Oh, and Catholic Icing, and this post.  I was already thinking better of it this evening, after my three-year-old got into the paint, slopped some on the kitchen floor and proceeded to dance in it.  Ah, well.  At least it was the washable kind.



I bought this album this week.

Please know that the fact that I'm telling you this is bluegrass gospel at its very best has nothing to do with my personal feelings for the artists.  ;)  You see that pretty little girl on the far right?  I remember when she was barely big enough to hold a microphone and stumble her way through Jesus Loves Me (or was it Amazing Grace?  I'm getting old, lol.), and just listen to her now.  That's her on lead on "The Greater God's Love Will Shine."  Absolutely incredible.  Harpers, I love you guys to death, and I am so happy for you!!!  Although you did make me cry, lol.  I can totally still hear Rick singing with you on "I'll Live Again."  May God's blessings continue to fall on you, and may you never forget how much all of us back home love you.

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