Friday, March 1, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday #1


A fellow blogger shared this in a post, and I had to pass it on.  It's a kind of virtual scrapbook, if you will, honoring Pope (or whatever we're officially calling him now) Benedict XVI.  Each page has a photo and a quote, then a tiny blue arrow after the quote that links to a speech, homily, or encyclical of his.  So cool!  Go check it out!


I don't know about you guys, but where I live, March 1 is opening day of trout season (it's catch-and-release all year, but now you can keep them), so my oldest son is off on his annual fishing trip with his Uncle Boo.  They pulled out of my driveway for a weekend of guy time yesterday afternoon.  I wished them good luck and a wonderful time, but I'm glad they're the ones freezing their fannies off and not me.  It was only supposed to be four degrees up there this morning!  Brrr!!!  And here. . .

. . . is the two pounder he caught that made it into the record book for this year's opening day at Bennett Spring!  Great fishing, big guy!!!  Bill already told me he (once again) declined the invitation to turn his catch into a trophy.  He prefers them baked with plenty of lemon juice.  :)


Bought the rest of the books I want to read for Lent today.  With my first confession coming up, I wanted to read Scott Hahn's Lord Have Mercy, and a friend highly recommended The Crucified Rabbi by Taylor Marshall.  Also picked up C.S. Lewis's Mere Christianity for $1.99 for Kindle!  Bonus!  Though I have this nagging feeling I'm forgetting something. . .


So I went to town today, bumming a ride with some friends because I have this horrible distrust of my vehicle.  Shopped, did a few loads of laundry. . . and got home to discover that we're nearly out of most of Mom's medications, and I'll have to go back tomorrow.  Oi.  On the bright side, maybe I'll visit with those friends I didn't find time for today.  :)  If my car survives.  I can't believe how much I'm looking forward to getting the other one fixed here in the next couple weeks.  Then I can put dynamite in the Kia.  Just kidding.  I'll sell it.  Who can't use a few hundred bucks, right?  So, I'll have to be practical and forgo the satisfaction of blowing it to scrap metal.


This is my first time attempting a 7QT post, and I have to say, hats off to all you bloggers who do it regularly.  It's harder than it looks to come up with seven marginally interesting things to write about--at least that fit in short little snippets.


On the bright side, I ordered a new battery for my camera today, so if all goes well, I should soon have more pictures to share that aren't randomly pulled from Google searches.  I also ordered a bunch of other stuff.  Someone should really block my PayPal account or something.  New rosary findings (I've been planning to make one for my husband, and then I saw some other pieces that would go well together. . . maybe I'll keep it; maybe it'll be a gift, who knows?) and a new veil for Easter.  Yeah, I'm terrible.  ;)


I find it so strange that it seems to have done nothing but snow here for the past three days or so, and yet there's hardly any on the ground.  Though the sidewalks (last holdouts) were  starting to get slick when I got home tonight.  Not that that's necessarily a good thing, mind.  I just found it odd  that there'd been nearly no accumulation, not bad.  Here's hoping the roads are okay tomorrow morning, because the pharmacy closes at noon on Saturdays.  

There, whew!  Seven!  Goodnight, blogosphere!

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