Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Welcome Pope Francis!!!

We have a Pope!!!!!  After only five votes, at the end of the first full day of voting, the Cardinals have elected Cardinal Bergoglio of Buenos Aires as the 265th successor of St. Peter.  :-D

The cord to my laptop died yesterday, and I've been unable to blog or to follow the updates properly, though Facebook has been a friend, keeping me apprised of the black smoke as friends message me or post to their feeds.  Then today, it happened.  Someone posted, "We have a Pope!"  And had I been drinking something, my Kindle would have been wearing it.  Already?!?  And, not having TV or a laptop to stream EWTN on, I hurried to her house to watch with her family.

We sat on the edge of our seats, huddled around her computer, waiting for the official announcement and Papal blessing.  SO EXCITING!!!!  I was unable to understand his given name when the announcement was made, only making out that he had taken the name Francesco, or Francis in English.  What a moment, to watch him walk out onto the balcony and speak to the crowds!

Before his blessing, he asked the crowds (and all those watching/listening around the world) to take a moment to pray for him.  A man of humility, and of faith--I think I just fell in love a little!  You can see the surprise and the trepidition on him as he stands on the balcony looking out over his flock.  May he be strong and bold in leading the Church, and may he also be faithful, loving, and merciful.  God, give him the grace to be all that Your Church needs.

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