Monday, August 15, 2011

So. . . Tired. . . Must. . . Sleep

But, I'm probably not going to. Went for a 2-miler this morning; ran most of it. Got less sleep last night than the night before. Ugh. Whipped the biggest hill on my chosen course (which was a pretty good one, actually). Doc's talking about moving Mom to a SNF for a while. She's gonna love that, when she figures out what he meant by "sniff". I can tell she's clueless b/c she didn't moan, groan, or make faces. Maybe it's wrong of me, but I didn't feel up to enlightening her today. Got the parts put together for my piece of crap car, and another new one bought, now to put the put-together parts together to form a functional vehicle. That will be Jon's job when he arrives home tonight. Not sure what I'd do without good friends at times like these. As for me, I simply can't wait to see my own bed, where hopefully, my baby (and thus, myself) will sleep well for the first time in a few days. Until then, anyone got an IV drip of caffeine?

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