Thursday, May 5, 2011

Still Here!

Yes, I'm a hair behind on my blog posts, but I AM still here, and still running. Week 6 is the current name of the game, and I'm 2 days in. Did day 1 on PP Hwy with Janis and Annie, and the hills liketa killed me! Wow! I'll never understand why, when I run outdoors, I always park at the end of my course that puts me running the mostly uphill grade on the way BACK when I'm the tiredest! Day 2 took us inside, since by the time we got together this evening, it was raining and cold. I don't mind the rain, but I still have issues with cold rain. :-) Just a wimp, I guess. My Garmin came in the mail yesterday, and I wore it for the first time today, but I really feel like all I got from it was time, b/c since we were inside, the satellite tracking wasn't working real well. Maybe Saturday I'll get to run outside again, and try it out for real! It's not as bulky as I was expecting, and that's awesome. Thinking I'm really going to like it. My pace is still terrible, as evidenced by the fact that today, I was right behind Janis for a time, she was walking, and I was running, and I couldn't catch up with her, lol! Ah, well. I just keep telling myself, it WILL get better. It has to. On a brighter note, weighed in with a loss again tonight at TOPS! 2.something pounds. Not really sure what the "something" was, lol. Bought another pair of running tights, but I wasn't able to get the smaller size I'd have preferred. They didn't have any! And I can tell these are getting a bit looser than I'd like. Oh, well. Nothing's perfect!

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