Sunday, May 8, 2011

Double Duty Day

Busy day yesterday! Went out in the afternoon and did my C25K w6d3 workout (tough one, probably more mentally than physically), then I'd only been back in for about an hour or so when my partner, Janis called to find out if I wanted to go running with her and Annie! OMG! I said no. . . then changed my mind and walked over to her house to meet them anyway, lol! We then proceeded to do their workout of w2d1, on PP (the hilly course). Then I came home and fixed what ended up being a rather late supper of bbq chicken, corn, potatoes au gratin, and cranberry sauce, topped off by strawberry cheesecake (ty, Liz). Double workouts must pay off, though, b/c in spite of that dinner, I weighed in with a loss this morning! (Though I'm having some mild twinges in my back now.) Probably going to drag my husband out for a trudge down (and back up) a long hill this afternoon. And just to make things really interesting, if I can get the straps repaired, I'm taking the stroller and the 18 m/o! If I work really hard, perhaps I can weigh in under 200 this Thursday. :-) And if not, there's always next week. The numbers aren't everything, but that is a milestone I'd like to reach. Had the Garmin outside for the first time today, and let's just say I'm definitely enjoying it! It's so nice to be able to run wherever I want to run, and not have to try and figure out my miles by other methods before or after. :-) I'm thinking it was a good purchase, in the long run. I ordered my new water belt, and I'm a little annoyed (whether with myself or with Amazon I'm not certain). It was eligible for free shipping, but I did the one-click order thing, and apparently, you have to do the long checkout process and specify free shipping to actually GET the free shipping. Grrr. So, I ended up paying about $6 for shipping that I didn't have to pay. Oh, well, the deed is done. And hopefully soon I'll have a water belt that's better for my running. Catch y'all on the flip side; I've got a stroller to fix!

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