Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Starting Over (Awaiting the Arrival of New Shoes)

Okay, so I've been totally off track, and I no doubt will have to start over. I've had several weeks over this summer where things just didn't work out for me to run, but for some reason, I'm hooked on the idea, and I'll be starting again just as soon as my new shoes arrive, which, according to Amazon, should be tomorrow. This will be my first pair of "real" running shoes, so we'll see if the rumors are true and they're better than my beat-up old Dr. Scholl's. Well, almost anything would be by this point, as my old shoes are so worn that the first layer of sole is gone in places, lol. I guess that's the legacy my Depression-era-raised grandmother bestowed on me--I believe in wearing something OUT! But I am committed to saving my running shoes for running only, so I don't wear them out too quickly (I usually don't spend so much on shoes!). Anyhow, I was reading my DM friend, Rev. Run's blog today, and it reminded me that I really should get back on my own, since I'm going back to running very soon. Mostly, it's for me that I'm making this blog. A record of my progress from couch potato, "if I'm running, you'd better keep up" personality, to true runner, hopefully in the best shape of my life, lol. I currently weigh in at approximately 200 lbs. at 5'5'' tall. I have set no official goals for my ending weight, although I plan to maintain my current height. ;) Unofficially, I am thinking of trying to hit 130 lbs., but only because it would give me a loss of over 100 from my highest recorded at TOPS. Still trying to figure out how to get back to TOPS meetings, since they're held on Thursday, and I've started taking my son to karate practice on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Once again, being a mom trumps being so many other things I aim to be as a woman. Which is sometimes frustrating, but always totally worth it. I truly believe that there is no higher honor God can bestow, and I have a responsibility to live up to it. I just have to remember that modelling healthy habits for my children is part of that. Until next time!

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