Sunday, July 11, 2010

Week 3 (sort of) Begins!

Well, late last night I completed the first workout of Week 3 on the C25K program. Yay, me! I was nervous at first about the 3 minute intervals, twice as long as I have run in past weeks, but I got it done. It always helps to remember what I told myself when I wasn't sure I was ready to move on to Week 2. What am I afraid of? That I won't be able to do it? Been there! When I first started, I literally could not complete the Week 1 workouts. I had to work on it for a while before I could do step 1! And you know what? I have never again been unable to do the next level (yet, lol, it's still early). In fact, yesterdays workout was easier than the first day I attempted w1d1! I am SO happy with my progress! And yesterday's run/walk was on top of a bike ride I took with my son (still have a sore groin muscle from that) earlier in the day. Last Thursday marked my first weight gain in many weeks. I lost for 8 weeks straight before that. Not coincidentally, it was also my worst week for exercise since joining Daily Mile. That fact makes me especially surprised that I have been able to progress on schedule. I figured with so much time between workouts, I'd have to repeat some, but I haven't. Now, if I could just make it through without grabbing the handrails on the treadmill. . . lol. I have a 5K picked out in September. Hopefully, I'll be ready in time.

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